At True Edge Performance Solutions, we know the human side of business performance, and the business value of high performing people. We work closely with business owners and executives to accelerate individual, team, and organizational performance. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so our solutions are tailored to fit the needs of your organization … respecting your values, culture, goals, and other particulars of your situation. We help good leaders and organizations become even better, sharper, and more competitive.

Executive and Leadership Coaching

We provide individual coaching and other professional development experiences for emerging leaders through seasoned executives. We can help your organization improve executive performance, engage leaders, and increase your people’s readiness to take on new challenges. Many CEOs and other seasoned executives choose to work with us on a long-term basis, counting on True Edge as a trusted advisor and “sounding board” on key decisions.

Leadership Transitions and Succession

We help boards, business owners, and executives proactively plan and navigate the complex challenges of leadership and ownership transitions. We understand the nuances of special transitions like those involving family-led businesses, long-serving executives pulling back from daily operations, or the sudden loss of a key leader due to untimely death or scandal, and we know what it takes to assess and strengthen your talent pipeline.

Pre-Hire Assessments

We can help you get the right people on board, accelerate the alignment of the individual with the organization, and minimize the risk of failure. We often assist on the front end by improving the hiring process and conducting psychologically-based candidate assessments and interviews. For high-stakes positions, we can support the assimilation process by advising the organization and providing coaching to the newly hired leader.

Workplace Relationships

As experts in human behavior and relationships, True Edge can help you solidify important internal and external bonds, guide you through a variety of internal conflicts, and enable you to restore impaired relationships. Our team is attuned to the unique relational dynamics at play in family-run businesses, and is adept at helping abrasive leaders reform their ways.

Culture and Strategy

We help organizations assess and enhance the workplace environment, and boost the alignment of culture and strategy. Many organizations have relied on True Edge to facilitate the formulation of their mission/purpose, core values, and strategic plans, and ensure their effective implementation.


We challenge boards to operate at the proper level, where they can govern responsibly, without getting drawn into operational details. We can help your board focus on the big picture, direct management without meddling, and rigorously evaluate what your organization accomplishes (i.e., hold management accountable to perform).

Rely on our executive experience and professional psychological expertise to help you find your True Edge.