True Edge Performance Solutions focuses on the human side of business performance to help your business find its edge. Below are some resources we think you may find useful.


What Was I Thinking?

How to make better decisions so you can live and lead with confidence.

By David Ashcraft; Rob Skacel, Ph.D.. Foreword by Dr. Larry Osborne.

Released 2022

Tailing Mulligan

Mastering the art of workplace communication.

By Rob Skacel, Ph.D.

Released 2004

Guides & Tools

DOPE Model Application Guide

Companion guide to our 2022 book “What Was I Thinking?”

This simple guide is designed to help you effectively navigate the four propositions of risk – desire, opportunity, power, and expectations – so that you will consistently embrace wise risks and avoid foolish ones.

Upward Appraisal Tool

Start improving your self-awareness as a leader with our Upward Appraisal Tool as featured on this Sharpening Stone video.

Rely on our executive experience and professional psychological expertise to help you find your True Edge.