Over the years, we have worked with around 200 different organizations in a wide variety of industries, including: professional services (e.g., CPA, architectural, engineering, law), construction, heavy and light manufacturing, healthcare, senior living, agribusiness, real estate, non-profits, church/ministry organizations, education, retail, residential services (e.g., plumbing, electrical, junk removal, etc.), food service, hospitality, large events, grocery, tech services, logistics, marketing/advertising, aerospace/defense, automotive, insurance, professional associations, waste/environmental, and others. So, while we work more in some of these industries than others, our clients value us most for our expertise in the “people stuff”—assessing & developing leaders, improving organizational culture/performance, teamwork, conflict management, governance, succession, and the like. Every enterprise relies on human talent to some degree, so we may offer something of value to any organization that wants to grow people and shrink people problems. We respect that our clients are bright and capable people — experts in their specific fields/industries. While we consistently strive for a deep understanding of the challenges and industry-specific issues that our clients encounter, we’ll never pretend to know your industry or job better than you do. Our goal is to come alongside and fortify people– not to displace them nor to foster dependency on us for things they should be relying on internally.

Rely on our executive experience and professional psychological expertise to help you find your True Edge.