The Sharpening Stone is a series of short videos from True Edge designed to sharpen leaders and organizations.

7 12, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – Saying “Yes” and Saying “No”


Have you ever stopped to realize that two of the simplest and most common words we use shape the direction of our lives and how we navigate our work and personal worlds? Those words are “yes” and “no”. What we say “yes” to and what we say “no” to define who we are, [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Saying “Yes” and Saying “No”2020-10-14T02:03:13+00:00
1 11, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – High Caliber Calendar


Most leaders have a lot of things competing for their time.  If you’re like me, your schedule is already filled with meetings, project work, planning sessions, and a pile of tasks that have to get done sometime.  Now throw into that mix all the unexpected urgencies that can hijack your schedule, and it [...]

The Sharpening Stone – High Caliber Calendar2020-10-14T02:03:39+00:00
1 09, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – Managing People Who Think They’re Special


My wife and I used to tell our kids, “You’re really special, but no more than anybody else.”  Despite that, they seem to have turned out okay.  At least that’s what their therapists tell us. Most of us have encountered someone in the workplace who acts entitled.  They feel they’re deserving of special [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Managing People Who Think They’re Special2020-10-14T02:03:56+00:00
10 07, 2019

The Sharpening Stone: Feedback and Future


So let me start by asking you a few questions about something that most organizations tend to look at on an annual basis – employee performance.  Is your performance management process working?  Is it meaningful to you as a leader, and to your team members?  Is it a supporting tool for your organizational [...]

The Sharpening Stone: Feedback and Future2020-10-14T02:04:24+00:00
3 05, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – Igniting Motivation


A common question we get from our clients is, “How can I motivate my employees?” When we’re talking about motivation, we’re not merely concerned with getting people to do what you want them to do. You can produce that kind of movement or behavior change by applying various extrinsic incentives … perks, bonuses, [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Igniting Motivation2020-10-14T02:04:49+00:00
7 04, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – Safety of Confusion


There’s a local beer distributor near my home that has one of those interchangeable signs out front. Today it’s mostly used to advertise their current specials, but a number of years ago they used to post pithy sayings on the sign board. One that has stayed with me for many years now said [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Safety of Confusion2020-10-14T02:05:21+00:00
1 03, 2019

The Sharpening Stone: Think Culture First!


So have you ever received a question from someone – a colleague, a family member - “How’s it going at work?”, or “How’s your company doing?” ?  If I asked you right now, how would you answer that question?  Do you tend to think first of your fiscal year results, the new employees [...]

The Sharpening Stone: Think Culture First!2020-10-14T02:05:42+00:00
1 01, 2019

The Sharpening Stone – The Good, The Bad, and the Boss


Most of us have experienced performance reviews delivered to us by our bosses.  If that was done reasonably well, we walked away with constructive feedback that helped us grow professionally, or at least perform our jobs a little better. In fact, without performance feedback, it’s pretty hard to improve. In the book, Primal [...]

The Sharpening Stone – The Good, The Bad, and the Boss2020-10-14T02:06:11+00:00
7 12, 2018

The Sharpening Stone – Expectancy, Not Expectation


You may be expecting this short video to be worth your while. What if it is? What if it isn’t? what practical difference does your expectation make in the content you hear or in my presentation of it? None, right? So why approach it with any expectation at all? What if, instead of [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Expectancy, Not Expectation2020-10-14T02:06:29+00:00
1 11, 2018

The Sharpening Stone – Silo Busting


If you work in an organization large enough to have identifiable departments or functional units, you know what can happen when tensions arise between groups. Maybe your sales reps think that your operations people don’t do enough to keep customers happy.  On the flip side, the operations folks are frustrated with sales for [...]

The Sharpening Stone – Silo Busting2020-10-14T02:07:59+00:00
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