Ask Yourself

At True Edge Performance Solutions, we’ve developed 13 crucial questions to help determine if business psychology, leadership development or organizational and team effectiveness training could strengthen your business and help it gain an edge on the competition.

  1. Where could you improve profitability if you could just influence people to think and behave more constructively?
  2. Of the areas that are theoretically within your control, which ones have seemed most out of control?
  3. In which areas are you spending time (and therefore money) fixing things because you failed to do them right the first time around?
  4. Where could you achieve greater efficiencies if personal differences and communication difficulties did not interfere?
  5. Are there “people problems” you are avoiding simply because it’s easier to avoid them than to face or fix them?
  6. Have you clearly delineated the expectations and boundaries concerning ownership (shareholders), governance (directors), and management (senior leaders)? Are these structural entities interacting optimally?
  7. Do all of your employees really know how their particular jobs affect your customers? Does it really matter to them (i.e., Do they really benefit?) when your business performs well?
  8. If you are family-owned, are there ‘family issues’ that may be negatively impacting the culture, morale, or performance of your company?
  9. How strong are your relationships with key customers? Are they delighted and loyal, or merely “satisfied?”
  10. Which responsibilities should you be turning over to others, but hang onto simply because you don’t know whom you can trust to do them right? To what important things could you devote that extra time if you could just pass the baton? So what’s that costing you?
  11. What is your turnover? How much does it cost each time you must replace a good employee?
  12. Where do you hope to be two years from now? Five years from now? and what are the critical things you need from your people (and yourself) in order to get there?
  13. Even the best of the best benefit from coaching. How might your results, or the performance of some of your key personnel, improve with the help of executive coaching?

If you are less than solid in any of these areas, True Edge can help. We know the human side of business performance, and the business value of high-performing people.

Get the Edge … the True Edge!

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