Sharpening People and Organizations… 

So they can accomplish extraordinary things. 

Sharpening People and Organizations… 

So they can accomplish extraordinary things. 

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Maybe you’re growing by leaps and bounds. If so, that’s great! But as organizations get bigger, they also get more complex, and they must be managed differently as they approach each new phase of growth. Managing a medium-sized company takes a different set of skills than managing a small operation. Making the necessary transition can be difficult for the leadership and employees.

Maybe you’ve stalled. Your organization has lost the steam that it once had. You’ve tried to forge ahead, but for some reason, things just aren’t moving the way you expected.

Or maybe you are moving along as planned. Smooth sailing … for the moment. You know that the storms will come — that your competition is on the move as well. You’re looking for ways to stay ahead … to become sharper and stronger so you will be prepared to weather the inevitable storms.

Wherever you are, now is a good time to take a hard look at the “people issues” that influence the performance and effectiveness of your organization. Truth is, it’s the people that make it happen … or not happen, as the case may be.

At True Edge Performance Solutions, we work closely with business owners and executives to accelerate individual, team, and organizational performance. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so our solutions are tailored to fit the needs of your organization … respecting your values, culture, goals, and other particulars of your situation. For example, leadership transitions can look very different for a family-owned business than a professional firm owned by non-related equity partners. A CEO’s relationship with her board must be navigated differently depending on the nature of the board’s authority (advisory versus governing), its composition, or the CEO’s tenure. And a strategic planning retreat must be designed differently for a non-profit organization whose longstanding executive director is nearing retirement (and whose “owners” may represent a diverse array of stakeholders) than for a small business that is owned and managed by an entrepreneurial leader.

With True Edge, you’ll have a partner who knows the pressures of senior level business leadership, understands the human side of organizational performance, and possesses both a mind for results and a heart for service.

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Organizationally we were struggling to gain our footing. Through our work with True Edge to define our core values we were able to firm up cultural norms which created great clarity as we determined who to hire or promote. And, importantly, within a month or two had a direct positive impact on our financial performance.

Sam Beiler, Founder & Owner, Spooky Nook Sports
True Edge Performance Solutions has played a significant role in our success!! Rob has assisted us over the years with leadership training, employee development, talent evaluation and hiring decisions. He is a very effective coach and willing to have the difficult conversations needed to move a leader to an even higher level of performance. I would highly recommend True Edge to anyone interested in improving the leadership culture of an organization.
Todd Witmer, CEO, The Witmer Group
We have found Rob, Marita and company to be a great resource for our business. From evaluating job applicants and matching the qualifications of the candidate with the needs of the position; to advice on personnel performance matters; to matters of business planning and transition…Rob has added value to every interaction, providing insight and clarity, allowing us to make better decisions. His unwavering commitment to excellence built on a foundation of integrity makes Rob our “go to” person for business performance solutions.
Jim Martin, President, Susquehanna Insurance
Rob custom designed and conducted a 12-month management training workshop series for our management staff. The sessions were informative, insightful and interactive. Our managers particularly liked the “real world case studies” which Rob often used to illustrate some of the topics. The workshops also provided an alternative but quite effective forum for our managers to interact with and gain further understanding of each other.

Rob led the Meridian Products leadership team through the “Management Essentials” course during a time when we needed a good solid refresher in what being a manger is all about. His practical approach to the subject was enjoyable as well as instructional. The team building exercises were fun and got everyone involved. Our team still enjoys “booing” our CFO whenever he needs it! I recommend True Edge to any company desiring to sharpen their leadership team!

Marty Ness, CEO, Meridian Products

I have worked with Rob since early 2007 when I took over as the CEO/GM of Lancaster DHIA. My purpose was to increase my abilities in managing people as well as have an outside voice for guidance through different facets of our business as it continued to grow. In the years since I have had many of our leadership team work with Rob as well to increase their business awareness and PR skills. Rob has helped in many ways to improve the quality of our management team and give us focus on many important projects such as our businesses strategic plan.

Jere High, CEO/GM, Lancaster DHIA

I have been using Rob as a personal executive coach for several years and he has helped me develop into a better leader, manager and executive. He is not afraid to give you honest and challenging feedback. He has coached me through some difficult situations and looking back at those experiences, his coaching was very instrumental in attaining the best possible outcome. Rob and True Edge Performance Solutions has done so much to help me improve professionally

Anthony Hahn, President/CEO, Conestoga Wood Specialties Corporation

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