Sharpening Stone is a series of short videos from True Edge designed to sharpen leaders and their organizations.

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Is Your Boot Too Big?

Accountability is NOT a Four-letter Word

Does Your Board Know its Job?

4/16/20 – Special Audio Edition: Headwind or Tailwind:  Building Your COVID-19 Sales Recovery Strategy

Michael Lambert provides a look at building a successful sales strategy post-COVID-19.

3/16/20 – Special Audio Edition: Leading in the face of COVID-19

Our Principal Rob Skacel provides valuable guidance to senior leaders on how to navigate through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Awaken the Sleeping Giant

You Might Just Need a Rawlins

Saying Yes and Saying No

High Caliber Calendar

Managing People who Think They’re Special

Feedback and Future

Igniting Motivation

Safety of Confusion

Think Culture First!

The Good, the Bad, and the Boss

Expectancy, Not Expectation

Silo Busting

Leading With Humility

The Trouble with Anonymous Feedback


Lessons from Goldilocks

Business Partners: Preparing for Battle (Part 2)

Business Partners: Preparing for Battle (Part 1)

An Ancient Method of Developing Others

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